Museums and art galleries!

Why are museums and art galleries important?

Discover the secrets of the world’s best museums and art galleries. Follow the history of the works of art and their current value.

Get your art appraised

How do you know if artwork is valuable?

Art owners often have no idea what worth does their possessions have. By seeking the advice of online specialists such as Mister Expert, you can get a fair valuation of your collectibles. Various platforms offer free appraisals, but finding the right site requires the consideration of certain criteria.

An estimate is often carried out within 48 hours after the object is submitted. Online procedures are available to everyone. You can also ask for an appointment to find out the price, which can vary over time.

artwork valuable

Paintings and pictures

For centuries, paintings have held a special place among collectors, a place that has evolved over the years.

In French society, artistic works have several functions, such as being ambassadors of a cultural expression.

Bronze sculptures

Bronze sculptures are very popular with collectors. They are an integral part of French heritage and they are regulated.

Various works are constantly being counterfeited. There is no shortage of counterfeiters, so it is essential to distinguish the genuine from the fake.

Lithographs and engravings

Lithographs and engravings remain popular with connoisseurs. The rarest works sell for high prices.

But what are the differences between lithographs and engravings? Why are some more valuable than others?

For heritage and lifestyle

Art and antiques: objects of great value!

Antique porcelains

Antique porcelains are handicrafts that have a certain age. Their period of manufacture plays an important part in the estimation of their current price. But the provenance also participates in the valuation of antique porcelains.

Clocks and Pendulums

Several centuries before Christ, various types of clocks and pendulums were already being developed. Today, clocks have become a source of admiration and passion, and it is important to have them appraised by an expert.

Antique jewellery

Antique jewellery values its wearer. But finding the perfect piece of jewellery requires a few specific methods and expert advice. Recognising a style or a brand cannot be improvised, you need to have a good eye.

Objects of art and collection: How to preserve them well?

Works of art over time: the art of restoration

It is important to be aware that an object that is poorly preserved or needs restoration easily loses its initial value. But the art of restoration is a delicate art that requires several steps before obtaining a good result.

When buying a work of art, it is therefore important to preserve it well by following a few precise instructions and recommendations. Thus, it is necessary to avoid sudden temperature variations, humidity and shocks…

restoration expert

Seeking the help of a restoration expert

When it comes to conserving or repairing a work of art, you can seek the help of an art restorer. Indeed, this type of professional has the essential skills to give a second life to your old precious objects. Their interest in the preservation of valuable works of art is an invaluable asset for the proper conservation of art pieces.

Thanks to his solid knowledge of the history of works of art and his restoration techniques, the expert will be able to guide you easily on all levels. These precise diagnoses will help to improve the condition of your art object.

To simplify discovery

Virtual tours and online collections

Discover the most relevant works of art and cultural expressions that have marked and even changed the history of humanity. Nowadays, it is possible to take a virtual tour of the collections of an international museum.

Louvre Museum - Paris
Pinacoteca di Brera
Pinacoteca di Brera - Milan
British Museum
British Museum - London

How to buy art

Art collectors: Good advice for buying artworks

negotiate prices

Visit galleries and negotiate prices

Galleries are an effective way to buy authentic art easily. But good negotiation is essential.

art market on the net

Check the art market on the net

To find rare works of art, you can join the online art market and start negotiating the price.

Consider auctions

Consider auctions

Auctions are a good way to find new works of art and to exchange with other collectors.