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What is classical art? What are its movements?

Everyone has heard of it, but defining classical art is not an easy task. We can draw its edges and recall its origins, but what describes classical art is undoubtedly the great names that developed the various canons of the…

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Discover art through different eras of Greece!

Whatever the era is, art in Greece has left a huge mark on history. Greek art is fascinating with its incomparable beauty. Nowadays, its remains still illustrate the world. To understand them, it is wise to go through the different…

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What are the 5 must-see works of art in your life?

The greatest painters such as Picasso, Michelangelo and Matisse are among the most renowned figures in the history of art. In fact, even people who are not interested in this form of artmust have heard these names. In this section…

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What are the 7 recognised arts today?

Based on sensory characteristics, there are seven categories of arts. This is a classification established by the philosopher Etienne Souriau in 1969 in an attempt to encompass the different artistic genres. According to the possible forms, he classified them into…

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