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french empire mantel clocks

A Touch of French Grandeur: The Empire Mantel Clock

Few artifacts embody the essence of an era quite like the Empire Mantel Clock. These ornate, stately timepieces are evocative of a period when French culture, art, and design reigned supreme on the global stage. With their intricate designs, historical…

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Why is jewellery still a safe investment?

Jewellery never loses its value, but tends to be appreciated. Jewellery owners and buyers also tend to believe that what they have in their possession is really comparable to the safe haven value of gold as an investment system. Currently,…

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Buying shares in an artwork: what are the benefits?

You’ve probably had the opportunity to look at works of art, paintings and sculptures of all kinds. But did you know that the number of buyers is increasing according to recent studies? While these objects can beautify your home, they…

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How do you know the value of an artist?

Knowing an artist’s rating allows you to estimate the value of his or her works, such as antique jewellery or paintings. It is necessary to go through this stage before selling an object in order to be able to set…

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How to have your art objects appraised on the Internet?

With the return of the vintage style, the sale of authentic objects is making a big splash on the Internet. Art appraisal is carried out by specialist art experts and auctioneers. There are many online specialists who offer a free…

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Why do auctions provide access to artworks at favourable prices?

You can obtain authentic works of art at competitive prices thanks to auctions. Here is some information that will help to clarify the situation before you buy or sell. Prices are already estimated Auctions are an interesting way of acquiring…

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