What are the 7 recognised arts today?

Based on sensory characteristics, there are seven categories of arts. This is a classification established by the philosopher Etienne Souriau in 1969 in an attempt to encompass the different artistic genres. According to the possible forms, he classified them into seven categories where cinema has been designated as the seventh art. The 7 arts of today are related to a certain tradition associated with a certain mystical meaning.

What are the classifications of the 7 recognised arts today?

The 7 recognised arts and accepted since the 20th century can be listed in the following order starting from architecture, sculpture, visual arts (which include painting, drawing and others), music, literature (such as poetry), performing arts (such as comedy, dance, theatre...) and the seventh art which is cinema. However, it is important to point out that there are other recent arts that have been called the eighth or ninth art. According to some proposals, television or video games have been placed in the eighth art. This classification remains rather unfamiliar to the current population.

Why take Etienne Souriau's classification?

Many artists have proposed a classification of the recognized arts. The writer, artist and philosopher Étienne Souriau proposed his general and total classification in some of his books such as: Les éléments d'esthétique comparée and La Correspondance des arts. In these books he distinguishes with sensory characteristics the seven arts of today. Each class has two levels: a representative level and an abstractone, such as for sculpture and architecture, representative painting and pure painting, pantomime and dance, etc. The sensory characteristics are defined by light, pronunciation, movement, melody, colour, line and salience.

What do we need to know about composite artworks?

Recognised arts are derived from artistic products. They may include several elements and theatrical works. Know that the arts are composed of the most complete works, they aim to influence the spectators. Contemporary artists have tried to construct composite works (such as multimedia or video art) and digital works. Some professionals argue that the collection can highlight the richness of research regardless of its complexity. The possibility of combining several arts in the same field such as sculpture, writing, music, film, dance, performance and painting was fading.
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