How do you know the value of an artist?

Knowing an artist's rating allows you to estimate the value of his or her works, such as antique jewellery or paintings. It is necessary to go through this stage before selling an object in order to be able to set the appropriate price. You can do this online on jewellery valuation sites or base your estimate on a few criteria. So how do you find out the value of an artist?

Use the services of a professional

It is best to use a professional to estimate the value of jewellery. A person who is familiar with the art market will be able to analyse the value of an artist properly. They will be able to provide you with detailed information so that you can sell your antique jewellery at the best price. He or she will also direct you to the most suitable sales system for you, i.e., either auction or sale to a collector. You can directly contact an online appraiser if you do not wish to travel with your valuable object. Requesting an appraisal does not commit you to any further sales.

Criteria for determining the value of an artist

To estimate the value of a piece of jewellery, a painting or a sculpture, you need to determine the value of the artist according to a few criteria. Find out about the artist's training and background, such as his or her age, qualifications and artistic background. Find out if the artist has ever participated in large-scale solo or group exhibitions. The fact that he or she has participated in contemporary art fairs is a very good sign, since 45% of sales are made in these markets. An artist who has a place in this kind of event benefits from the recognition of the public and the professionals of the trade. If you are unable to find your way around on your own, you can ask a gallery owner to help you select the best works.

What should you base your estimate on?

Despite the criteria established for the valuation of antique jewellery, the value of an artist remains very subjective. When we look at the financial aspect, we have to go through the speculation since it is considered as a stock exchange element. However, the evolution of the quotation follows a variable course which will be influenced by several factors. You have to take into account the health of the economy, because like all stocks, the artist's rating will be influenced by the local economic system. You should also consider current trends as well as the dynamism of the artist such as their history or contribution to the cultural heritage.
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