Why is jewellery still a safe investment?

Published on : 17 May 20213 min reading time
Jewellery never loses its value, but tends to be appreciated. Jewellery owners and buyers also tend to believe that what they have in their possession is really comparable to the safe haven value of gold as an investment system. Currently, the purchase of jewellery is revealed to be an investment because of the amalgam and the crisis of the easy pandemic. This is the reason why it still remains a refuge value.

What is the specificity of jewellery?

The preciousness of a material is essential. Everyone can think of silver, diamonds and gold, whose value is relative to the mass of the material used. They are precious because of their rarity, beauty, difficulty of manufacture and longevity. This is why most buyers do not hesitate to make a comparison in order to establish their legitimacy. Even if the value of jewellery no longer has the calibrated role in states and monetary exchanges, they continue to keep stocks of it. Beyond the financial and symbolic value, jewellery serves a composition of work. For more information, do not hesitate to consult the page dedicated to appraise a jewel of value.

Why is jewellery still a safe haven?

Jewellery is the way to invest and spend, i.e., it is like an investment of pleasure. Obviously, the purchase of a piece of jewellery constitutes a long-term refuge value if it is well kept in a quality place or room. Its purchase is therefore not made in a system of only getting a return, but an object that is being appreciated with time, and that is why it can last in the long term. It is treasured because it is original, gem-set and rare. Whereas after its purchase, it loses 30% of its value; but it can recover its initial value after a few years.

Why is it a safe investment?

A piece of jewellery always retains its special character even if you are averse to this form of investment. You can consider it as a counter-cyclical diversification object after adding liquidity. Since it is considered a safe haven even in the investment field, a piece of jewellery is a favourite, especially in times of inflation or economic uncertainty. Without earning interest, it is a popular alternative in the event of a decline in financial returns. A jewel is a source of protection against the risks of expansionary central bank policies and currency devaluation.

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